El Bolson - Patagonia Argentina

School Location

The school is located in the city of El bolsón, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
Travelling down the mythic Ruta 40 (Route 40) you get to this small city in one of the most fertile valley of the great Cordillera de los Andes Mountain Range.

Patagonia Andina Spanish School

El Bolsón and its Surroundings

The unique geographic form of this valley, surrounded by lakes and rivers, gives a warm and friendly sensation to those who visit El Bolsón. Moreover, the inhabitants of this wonderful place are very kind, open and always willing to help the visitors in anything they may need.

El Bolsón besides being a small places, counts with every service: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, healthy markets,  a modern hospital and commercial centers, all of them really easy to get by foot.

La comarca is a region conformed by seven small cities and towns, all of these places depend on each other as they share their economies and social and cultural activities. Their main economic  activities are farming, producing organic cultives (strawberry, blueberry, cherrys), making jams, beer and artisan crafts, as well as tourism.
This small city is located in the province of Río Negro, very close to the province of Chubut and is the first town of  “La Comarca la Comarca Andina del Paralelo 42º” (The Andine Grade 42 Region), as well as: Lago Puelo, El Manso, El Maitén, Cholila, El Hoyo and Epuyén.

How to get there


The closest airport from El Bolsón (127 km.) is Bariloche (BRC):

The school offers a direct transfer from Bariloche airport to student selected accomodation in El Bolsón.(Ask for price and availability).

The airport operates daily flights from Buenos Aires, other cities in Argentina and international flights.Airlines operating:

In Bariloche you can take a bus to El Bolsón:

Bus companies coming to El Bolsón:

From Bariloche (127 km, 2 hours)

Buy Tickets online:

Plataforma 10:  http://www.plataforma10.com/ (website available in English)



Desde el Norte: por cualquier ruta hasta Bariloche (el camino más corto desde Buenos Aires es el que va por ruta 5, pasando por Santa Rosa). Desde Bariloche, por la Ruta 40 Sur (ex 258), hacia el Sur, 120 km de asfaltado.

Desde el sur: por cualquier ruta hasta Esquel. Desde Esquel, por ruta 40, en la bifurcación que se encuentra a 10 km de la ciudad, doblar a la izquierda, hacia “El Maitén”. Son 180 km de asfalto y se pasa por Epuyén y El Hoyo.

Otra opción desde el Sur es la Ruta Provincial Nº 71; son 200 km entre Esquel y El Bolsón, la mayor parte de ripio. Esta ruta permite recorrer el Parque Nacional Los Alerces y es el acceso a Cholila.


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