Learning a language in a country where it is spoken allows  a total immersion in the language and culture. As you improve your language skills and knowledge, you can see the world in a different way. There is nothing better than studying in a Spanish-speaking country, not only you can learn the language, you can also get in touch with the customs os the place and practice speaking with local people.

1. It is a faster and more effective way of learning.

Students who study Spanish in a Spanish speaking country learn in a month what they would have learned in six in their country of origin. This is due to constant contact with the language and their daily practice.

In addition, in the Spanish courses thought for foreign students, the main objectives are: toimprove the vocabulary and the understanding of the language, to be able to communicate and be understood.

It is much faster and more effective to learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking country since we are listening and communicating in the language all the time, on a daily basis, instead of practicing it only a few hours a week.

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 2. It is much more fun

It is not the same to learn a language a few hours a week in a class than during an exchange or a vacation. In addition to the intensive classes, you can learn about the culture, the meals, the customs of this place, meet local people and make new friends living unforgettable experiences and learning new vocabulary, verbs and expressions everyday.

It is not just about learning the language, it is about a complete cultural immersion that makes learning much richer and more entertaining.

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3. You live a different experience

Studying abroad is a great challenge, you get to know a different way of life. The great advantage is that it broadens your view of far away places and helps you think and live differently, it is an experience that makes you more independent.
In general, students return to their country of origin with more confidence in themselves and feel happy about the experience they lived.

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4. It opens our horizons

Studying abroad opens new horizons and allows students to deepen their understanding and knowledge of international, political and economic issues. In this way, when they return to their country, they return with a broader view of the issues that affect the whole world. Students also enrich their view of other customs and ways of life.

Young Gaucho in Chacra La Cascada

5. Más posibilidades de empleo

The Spanish language is the second most useful language in the world after English, so learning it can improve employment opportunities, especially in the business, international affairs, journalism and commerce sectors.

More and more companies are looking for candidates who know Spanish and who have studied in a Spanish speaking country tend to have a better command of the language.



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