Spanish Language Courses

The lessons given by native spanish teachers, are taught entirely in Spanish and have been prepared specifically for foreign students.

Small Groups

We work with small groups to achieve personalized attention and our lessons are prepared to help students develop spanish skills in reading, writing, listening and mainly in speaking.

Conversational Spanish

Our main goal is that students use Spanish in real situations of daily life. To achieve this, we focus on oral practice, speaking and listening.
“A different language is a different vision of life.”
Federico Fellini

La Escuela

The school is located near El Bolsón main square. Classes are held in a little nice house.
We have a TV room, a library and everything for the coffee break (or “Recreo de Mate”).
We also have a garden with a great view of the mountains.

Spanish courses for every level:

The school performs a levelling test the first day of arrival, in order to divide students in the right level based on their language skills.

  • Principiante A1/A2
  • Intermedio B1/B2
  • Avanzado C1/C2

The Lessons

Most of the lessons take place during the morning, some of them at school, and others will be given  during outdoor excursions and activities, in which you will experience alternative learning methods and also practice what you’ve already learned.


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