Patagonia Andina Spanish School is the perfect place to learn Spanish and have an incredible time in Patagonia Argentina. Here are four reasons given by the students of why to choose Patagonia Andina to study Spanish in Argentina:

1) The school is located in one of the most beautiful places in Patagonia Argentina

El Bolsón is a small town in Patagonia located in a valley and recognized for its natural beauty and its favourable climate in the summer months. Unlike the neighboring city of Bariloche, there are no strong winds in El Bolsón, which makes it one of the ideal Patagonian places to spend the summer.

This place is also known by its cultural movements, every summer night there are bands playing in the main square and in the breweries in the area. El Bolsón is also recognized by its famous craft fair, where you can find different regional and craft products. This city is surrounded by mountains and has one of the largest trekking circuits in Latin America.

El Bolsón is also one of the main producers of different types of berries and there are delicious gastronomic options. In the area you can find good meats, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh cheeses, ice cream, trout, smoked products and much more.

2) The environment at the school is cozy and friendly

The lessons are held in a cozy log cabin with a nice garden. During the breaks you can enjoy the sun and sometimes the second part of the lessons can be held outside according to the student’s preferences.  Teachers are very helpful and recommend good places for eating, local markets and festivals.

The environment at the school is cozy and friendly. For Christmas and New Year there is a dinner where you can have a nice time, especially if you are travelling alone.

3) There are community building opportunities 

The program takes advantage of the outdoor recreation available in El Bolsón like hiking in the Andes or having classes in an organic farm. There are also community building opportunities such as evening soccer games, cultural exchange nights at local breweries, dinner at school, sharing “mates” at break, visiting the local craft fair. There are always opportunities of speaking with local people and teachers encourage you to do it.

4) It helps you to communicate in your trip around south America. 

Spanish is the most spoken language in Latin America, it is spoken in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Chile,  Argentina and other countries as well. The school focus in oral communication and promote the conversation with local people.

 The school is open from December to April, during the summer season in South America and only work with small groups. So if you want to learn Spanish abroad and have an amazing experience, do not hesitate and book your place in Patagonia Andina Spanish School.

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