Extra curricular activities

The school offers and recommendsseveral cultural activities and extra curricular activities in order to maximize the students immersion into Argentine culture

Visit to Lago Puelo (Puelo Lake):

To relax and get to know better “La Comarca” we will visit Lago Puelo Natural Reserve, one of the nearest lakes from El Bolsón, where we will be able to do some Kayaking, Swimming, Trekking . 

  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • Hiking
  • horse-riding

Río Azul River Visit

Río Azul River surrounds El Bolsón and ends in Puelo Lake. It is a great place to get to know more about the geography of the place and to take a cold refresh, since its water comes from the melt ice and snow from the mountains.

  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • horse-riding

Visit to Cerro Piltriquitron:

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in El Bolsón, we will get to a Mountain Shelter where we can see the entire valley surrounded by the Cordillera de los Andes mountain range from the top of the highest mountain in the area.

  • hiking
  • Hiking

Visit to Puerto Patriada, Epuyén Lake:

Another lake near El Bolson is Epuyén, we will visit this incredible place called Puerto Patriada, where the water is blue and where we will also able to do Kayaking.

  • kayaking
  • swimming
  • Hiking
  • horse-riding

Tango Night:

To get to know more of argentinian culture we recommend to go and try the Tango Lessons in town and also join the “Milongas” 



Cultural Exchange Night

To have a great time sharing with the school partners and people from Bolson,  we will spend one night a week having an interchange of cultures in a local beer point.

Football match in the Afternoon

Once a week we get together to play a mixt football match. It is important that you to bring sport clothing and shoes!

Visit to an Organic Farm

Bolson is famous for the high number of organic farms. We’ll visit a farm that produces organic Yogurt, Ice creams, “Dulce de Leche” and cheese!. The owners will show us around

Visit to El Bolson Craft fair:

One of the biggest craft fairs of all south america. Here you will a different varieties of handcrafted clothes, gifts and homemade local organic food.



And More!

– Scuba diving
– Paragliding
– Rafting
– Golf lessons

– Climbing
– Sailing
– Yoga
– Bungee Jumping


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