Thank you Olivia!

Your booking is at Patagonia Andina Escuela de Español is confirmed!

  • We’ll wait you at The Bolson Bus Station on December 23, 2018. To take you to your accommodation.
  • Please let as know as soon as possible the time of your arrival so we can pick you up!

Patagonia Andina Escuela de Español

Pagano 613
Rio Negro, El Bolsón, Patagonia Argentina.
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Skype: Patagonia Andina Escuela de Español
WhatsApp: +54 11 57520600
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Your Reservation

Spanish Course: 1 week intensive group lessons. 20 hours per week (from 1 to 6 students)

Homestay not Confirmed yet.
Entry: 23 December (11am-21pm)
Exit: 29 december (8am-11am)

If you have any questions or special requests please let us know.

Te Esperamos en El Bolson!

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