Places you should visit if travelling to Argentina

Argentina is one of the most interesting countries to visit in South America. Home of the tango and the good wine, delicious and diverse cuisine, excellent meat and regional products. Argentina’s´ territory has from salt flats and rainforests to incredible glaciers and wonderful lakes, from low mountains to high tops. Here we recommend you 5 places you should totally visit if you travel to Argentina:

City of Buenos Aires

Known as the city that never sleeps, Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities in South America. At every time, every day there are plenty of activities to do and places to visit. There are pizzerias open 24 hours a day and coffee houses open early in the morning to offer the bests breakfast and brunches.

For those who love live music, every evening there are shows in different theatres and cultural centers of the city. You can also find tango, rock and jazz music events every week. Buenos Aires is also house of the famous and historic “Teatro Colón” considered one of the top 5 best theatres in the world. There are also many discos for those who like night live, known as “boliches” and craftbeer bars.

The most vibrant neighboorhoods to visit in the city are San Telmo, near to Plaza de Mayo, where Argentina declared its independency from Spain in 1810, Palermo, Villa Crespo and Recoleta. There are also many parks and green areas. The most emblematic ones are “Los bosques de Palermo” and “El Jardín botánico”.

El Bolsón, Río Negro

El Bolsón is a small town in Patagonia located in a valley and recognized for its natural beauty and its favourable climate in the summer months. Unlike the neighboring city of Bariloche, there are no strong winds in El Bolsón, which makes it one of the ideal Patagonian places to spend the summer.

This place is also known by its cultural movements, every summer night there are bands playing in the main square and in the breweries in the area. El Bolsón is also recognized by its famous craft fair, where you can find different regional and craft products.

This city is surrounded by mountains and has one of the largest trekking circuits in Latin America. There are 11 interconnected shelters in this area of ​​the Andes where you can go hiking. This place is ideal to be in contact with nature since El Bolsón is very close to lakes, rivers and waterfalls with crystal clear waters.

In addition, El Bolsón is one of the main producers of different types of berries and there are delicious gastronomic options. In the area you can find good meats, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh cheeses, ice cream, trout, smoked products and much more.

Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones

This awesome UNESCO World Heritage Site combines incredible jungle flora and fauna with an immense complex of waterfalls. The falls are split into Brazilian and Argentinian sections, both breathtaking in their own ways, making up the largest water system in the world.

The Iguazu Falls are the main tourist attraction of northeastern Argentina. In the area there are several species of birds and you can also find yacarés, turtles, herons and fish. The waterfalls also represent a refuge for some animals that are in danger of extinction

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

It is known as the “End of the World” thanks to its geographical position on Argentina’s tip, making it the southernmost city in the world.

Ushuaia is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands. It is located on the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south of America. On the banks of the Beagle Channel and inside the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago.

You can visit Ushuaia in all the seasons. In winter the weather is very cold and you can ski. In summer the temperature can reach twenty degrees and you can go hiking, climb hills and visit the “Esmeralda” lagoon. There is also a beautiful train tour called “The train where the world ends” and you can visit the national park “Tierra del Fuego”. You can also take boat trips on the Beagle Channel, visiting the Bird Island and the “Lighthouse where the world ends”.

Mendoza Province

Mendoza is known for its delicious wine and beautiful vineyards, this province is a paradise for family trips and nature lovers. It is surrounded by mountains and home for the highest top in Argentina, the Aconcagua.

In town, you’ll discover tree-lined avenues, fountain-adorned plazas, cosmopolitan cafes and bustling nightlife. If you’re just looking for a relaxing vacation in Mendoza you can enjoy wonderful wine tours and rejuvenating spa trips.

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